Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate: Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training

This course is designed for Yoga teachers who want to develop practical skills in adapting classical Hatha Yoga for students with injury, illness, obesity, advancing age or any other limiting condition.

Kashi Richardson


Explore a wide range of modifications for students who require assistance in a regular Yoga class as well as a gentler, modified practice for a variety of specific needs. Learn how to bring the benefits of classical Yoga to a wider range of students so that all might feel successful and experience peace of mind.

Students of this course will learn:

  • How to adapt Yoga postures for students in a regular class
  • How to teach a gentler, modified practice based on classical principles
  • An introduction to Chair Yoga
  • The principles of structural Yoga therapy
  • The gross and subtle benefits of Yoga asanas
  • Yogic methods to manage stress and pain

Students will also maintain a personal practice and practice teaching.

Yoga teachers from all traditions are welcome to join this course. Not yet a Yoga teacher? Already a Yoga teacher but considering expanding your personal and teaching practice? Visit our TTC page for details about the Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Course and join a community of over 27,000 Sivananda Yoga teachers worldwide!