Take Control of your Life: Yoga for Mastery of the Mind


Mind is molded by memories, karmas, thoughts, moods and emotions, desires and habits. It is influenced by the energetic atmosphere of our environment, by the company we keep and the activities we engage in. Such multiple influences cause the mind to be in constant fluctuation.

The Yoga system therefore teaches us how to go through a course of mental and spiritual discipline to still the fluctuating mind. Yoga gives clear directions as to how we can first purify and refine the mind. Once the mind is steady and tamed, no longer unruly, yoga teaches us to use the mind to our own advantage: to develop greater will-power, determination, right discrimination, and to thereby make greater progress on our spiritual path.

During these five days of retreat, practical techniques will be taught for maintaining steadiness of mind in the midst of turbulent modern day life, and for harnessing the mind as an empowering force.

This program will be presented by senior staff of the Ashram.