Yoga for Peak Performance in Sports & Life

Join us for an exploration of how the application of Yoga practice and philosophy can dramatically improve athletic performance and experience.


Learn how Yogic postures, breathing technique, relaxation, Yogic diet, positive thinking and meditation can improve your game, physically and mentally. Increase your flexibility and gain core strength, stability, balance, efficient breathing, and physical and mental endurance. Learn how to reduce recovery time and risk of injury. Enjoy a special class on optimal nutrition for athletes.

Students of the this course will learn about spinal alignment, spinal strength, core strength healthy knees, the hips and hip flexors and upper body strength. Participants will also learn how to increase range of motion and prevent injury; how to stabilize muscles and improve strength, balance, and flexibility and practice pranayama breathing techniques to improve oxygen intake and improve mental focus.

Other topics of the course include:

  • Peak Performance in Sports & Life
  • Sports and Spirituality
  • The Yoga Sutras and Sports
  • Quality Communication
  • Releasing Energy Blockages
  • Tapping Into Inner Strength
  • Freedom from Fear of Failure
  • Success and Isolation/Separation
  • Self Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Meditation and Visualization
  • Anti-Inflammatory and Recovery Nutrition

Athletes and Yoga practitioners of all levels are welcome to join this course.