Yoga for Peace Symposium: Changing the World from the Inside Out

Join us for this gathering of peace leaders who will share with us inspiring stories from their peace and social engagement missions.


Elaine Valdov

Elaine Valdov, PhD, a representative to the United Nations, is a peace and human rights activist, conflict resolution specialist, founder and president of Yoga Peace Ambassadors, Yogis Beyond Borders, International Peace Ambassadors, and the International Institute for a Culture of Peace. She lectures internationally and is a practicing psychotherapist in New York City.

Daniele Giovannucci

Daniele Giovannucci is president of the Committee on Sustainability Assessment, a global consortium of institutions advancing innovative ways to understand and manage the sustainability of our food systems. He has consulted and advised the United Nations, the World Bank, and numerous world governments on sustainability practices and rural development. Since 1992, he has taught and worked in more than 30 countries.

Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson spent over 20 years in prison (until 1997), where he underwent a spiritual transformation. He is now a spiritual teacher and consultant to families and to those who have been in, or may be going, to prison. He passionately shares the message that “God’s grace is here now” with others and is the author of the book The Last Hustle.

Dada Nabhaniilananda

Dada Nabhaniilananda is a monk, a musician, a writer, and a meditation teacher with the spiritual movement Ananda Marga – “The Path of Bliss.” His chant recordings include The Fire Dragon Suite, The Return of The Magic and several others. He is also the author of Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind, and After Capitalism.

Andrew Cunningham

Andrew is a Marshall Scholar at Oxford University, pursuing his Doctorate in Comparative International Education. Before coming to Oxford, Andrew co-founded the Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research (WISER) – an all girls’ secondary boarding school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, where he lived and worked out of a mud hut for two and a half years. He is now a research intern with UNICEF-Kenya and advises various education initiatives in Cameroon, Tanzania, and South Africa. He is also the recipient of the Robertson Scholarship, Truman Scholarship and Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Award.