Yoga Peace Ambassadors Certification

Yoga Peace Ambassadors welcomes you to become an "Agent of Change" in a world so much in need. It puts into action: "INNER PEACE FOR OUTER PEACE".


Find Your Passion in Making a Difference in the World

  1. Identify your “passion” – the special issue / world concern that you are drawn to help 
  2. Learn how to bridge this passion with “Making a Difference” locally and globally
  3. Explore self, to release obstacles that may stand in your way of following your “calling”

Build a Knowledge Base of Critical World Issues and Being a “Change Maker”

  1. Understand the “State of the World” in areas primarily focused around the MDGs
  2. Learn about people and organizations that are working to make a difference in these areas AND how to become a part of humanitarian initiatives
  3. Learn about UN International Days & Decades and how to join millions of persons around the world who are coming together to make change, in these global concerns

Develop Leadership Skills to Become an Effective Agent of Change

  1. Build leadership skills in how to put your ideas into ACTION, to promote peace
  2. Learn skills in how to create peace / MDG initiatives / programs in ashrams, communities, schools, universities, businesses, etc.

Develop Yoga Practices that Enhance “Inner Peace for Outer Peace”

  1. Explore specific Yoga practices that can be utilized in your own Yoga practice and in Yoga Ashrams and Centers that focus on world issues (ie: special mantras, Yoga programs around international days, activities / special celebrations, etc.)
  2. Build an overview of “Yoga for Special Populations”, related to the MDGs (ie: Yoga for the Homeless, Yoga for Cancer Patients, Yoga for Abused Women, etc.)

Create a YPA Peace Initiative and Portfolio for Action! (Final Projects Due in 2 Months)

  1. Take your “Skill Set” to new heights – creating your peace initiative
  2. Develop a YPA Portfolio, for putting your work out into the local and world community