Ayurveda Body Treatments Certification Course

November 8 - 16, 2014

Lalita Devi


This course offers a wonderful opportunity to learn the techniques of Ayurveda body treatments with the Director of our Well-Being Center, Lalita Devi.

You will learn how to offer traditional oil massage (abhyanga); the technique of pouring oil over the forehead (shirodhara); how to introduce oil into the nasal passages (nasya); and how to apply gentle heat therapy (svedana). These treatments provide deep detoxification and rejuvenation and allow for balance of the body, mind, and spirit. This course includes an understanding of the treatments as a spiritual practice for both client and practitioner.

Topics of the course include:

  • The history and philosophy of Ayurveda
  • The three great qualities (maha bhutu), five elements (maha guna), 10 pairs of qualities (guna) and three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), tissue formation (dhatu) and the channels of bodily systems (srota), digestion (agni), toxin formation (ama) and waste elimination (mala)
  • Ayurvedic and yogic psychology
  • The disease process and its treatment with Ayurvedic bodywork

This course is designed for massage therapists, Ayurveda practitioners, yoga teachers, and all others who have a professional or personal interest in the ancient techniques of Ayurveda body treatments. 

Course graduates are welcome to stay for one or two more days (November 18 & 19) to gain more hands-on practical experience in Ayurvedic Body Treatments. Tuition is $50/day plus accommodation.

Please contact lalitadevi@sivananda.org after registering for specific details of what to bring for this course.

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The Ayurveda Bodywork Course was a deeply transformational experience. I took the course with no prior knowledge of massage or Ayurveda. Now, I can not imagine my life without discovering Ayurveda. The course is practical knowledge that allows us to get to know ourselves more deeply and inspiring us to share this discovery with others. We started the day with self care practices, meditation, chanting followed by Yoga and Ayurveda teachings, which prepared you for the afternoon of hands on practice. The yoga class in the afternoon helped to assimilate the knowledge accumulated that day; relaxing and balancing the body and mind. The combination of the knowledge being passed from teacher to student, hands-on guidance in the bodywork, yogic practices and self-care routines is a perfect blend to ignite the fire of transformation. Narayani