Cleanliness, Contentment & Self-Discipline: Practices for Spiritual Evolution

This program will enhance your understanding of the Yoga Sutras and Raja Yoga and deepen your Hatha Yoga practice.


Cleanliness of the body and mind (saucha) is the gateway to proper understanding the physical body, and developing a pure and calm mind. Contentment (samtosha) is the key to lasting happiness and peace of mind. Self discipline (tapas) is an invaluable tool for success in any undertaking, and in particular for rapid progress on the spiritual path. Together, those observances for the first three niyamas (observances), which is the second limb of Ashtanga Yoga (eight-limbed Yoga) of Patanjali Maharishi’s Raja Yoga system as taught in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

Explore practical techniques to bring home and begin implementing these important sacred practices into your daily life. This program is suitable for all Yoga practitioners and teachers.