Guided Imagery & Creative Visualization: Awareness Adventures for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Julie Lusk


Experience the potency of guided imagery and creative visualization, a powerful mind-body-spirit technique that everyone can apply. Join thousands who are already using Julie’s guided imagery exercises for improving health. Reach states of deep relaxation, activate your natural capacity to heal, promote the eradication of undesired behavior patterns, reveal the power of your intuition, and unlock your highest potential. We will also explore personal experiences, and understand scientific principles relevant to our practice.

Julie's Mind-Body Mastery: Guided Imagery, Meditation, Real Relaxation will be provided to each person enrolled to the course.

Students of this course will:

  • Identify the guided imagery techniques that are aligned with personal temperament
  • Heighten ability to practice and benefit from guided imagery
  • Learn to use guided imagery to support health and live life meaningfully
  • Understand and use guided imagery for the 7 major chakras
  • Understand and use guided imagery for the 5 koshas
  • Experience a variety of trustworthy guided imagery methods to improve mental outlook and give an easy and reliable way to reduce stress and improve energy; bring more meaning and balance into the body, mind and spirit for improved health; spark intuition, increase creativity, and improve problem-solving from a place of deep wisdom; use guided imagery for improving your lifestyle and making positive changes.
  • Enjoy and benefit from the Yoga classes and satsangs offered, as well as free time to enjoy the beach and gardens and leave feeling relaxed, energized, and motivated.

This course is open to everyone interested in using guided imagery for themselves and to assist clients, patients and students as appropriate.&

You are welcome to join us a day in advance and participate in Julie's preparatory workshop for the course.

Daily Schedule: There will be a daily 3-hour class from 12:30 to 3:30pm, which will include both lecture and experiential practice. For information about the rest of the daily schedule, please visit: