Yogis Without Borders: Training for Activist Yoga Teachers


Learn how to combine Yoga with leadership abilities in order to build and take part in significant humanitarian efforts, while taking Yoga out into the world! Take part in a profound opportunity to be of service to humanity, throughout the world – offering the gift of selfless service to those in need. Yogis Without Borders inspires and empowers individuals to become "activists of the heart", in conscious service to humanity. We help to bridge the ancient practice of Yoga with leadership skills, in order to help create and take part in humanitarian movements throughout the world.

The mission of Yogis Without Borders is to take Yoga into the world, with specific focus in three areas:

  1. Local Communities: taking Yoga into prisons, hospitals, orphanages, schools, senior centers, homeless shelters, shelters for abused women and disadvantaged youth, etc.
  2. Areas around the world where persons are dealing with significant life struggles: taking Yoga to those who are suffering from hunger and poverty, serious illnesses (HIV AIDs, cancer, etc.), life in refugee camps, etc.
  3. Post Conflict Areas: taking Yoga into areas of natural and man-made disasters

Yogis Without Borders is designed to train certified Yoga teachers to be leaders in peace initiatives in local and international communities. Our objective is to help individuals be relieved of stress and tension, while providing them with tools to positively deal with their life challenges.

In the Yogis Without Borders program, we work with Yoga teachers to establish programs in areas of need. We also work with national and international agencies and programs worldwide, bringing Yoga into humanitarian initiatives around the world – offering multiple possibilities for Yogis Without Borders graduates to make a significant difference. Examples of opportunities for placement for Yogis Without Borders graduates are Mother Theresa Houses in India, prisons in the Bahamas and New York State, orphanages in Columbia, refugee camps in Haiti, schools in Kenya, etc.

In this course, participants are guided to develop skill sets for taking Yoga out into the world, by:

  • exploring how to bridge their passions in life with "making a difference" and building a program around these passions – with specific emphasis around Yoga
  • learning leadership skills necessary to put their own DREAMS INTO REALITY and become effective change agents
  • increasing knowledge and skills in “Yoga for Peace” and Yoga with special populations
  • understanding common challenges in high stress situations and learning how Yoga can have a significant impact
  • learning to work with local to international agencies, joining teams of care givers and first responders to help in disaster related situations, such as working with Red Cross, etc.
  • learning how to join Non Governmental Organizations (NGOS), in the field, who are working for the betterment of our world community
  • learning about national to international opportunities for YWB graduates

What You May Expect to Do with a Certification in "Yogis Without Borders":

  • “Be” an “Agent of Change” in your own personal life and in your local and world community
  • Create and/or work with organizations / programs / campaigns focusing on the healing powers of Yoga, in local to global communities and in post conflict areas — taking Yoga out into the world
  • Offer assistance in crisis / disaster – locally and internationally
  • Provide Yoga programs during different phases of disaster recovery
  • Have access to listings of NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations / institutions looking for Yogis Without Borders graduates
  • Create programs that bridge Yoga practices and the UN Millennium Development Goals (ie: Yoga for the Homeless, Yoga in Hospitals, Yoga for Abused Women, Golden Yoga / Yoga for Seniors)

The “Yogis Without Borders” certification course is open to Certified Yoga Teachers from all Yoga schools. Please bring a laptop computer, if availalbe.


Guest Lecturers

National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and The Bahamian Red Cross Society will share their experience and need with us, while also providing opportunities to take part in social responsibility programs in the Bahamas.