Yogis Without Borders: Training for Activist Yoga Teachers


Self Exploration, Focused on BEING an Agent of Change in the World:

  • Find your passion for “Making a Difference” in your local and world community
  • Explore how to bridge your interests in life with being a change agent
  • Explore blockages keeping you from following your "calling”, and work to release these

Skill Building in “Yoga for Peace” and Yoga for Special Populations – an Overview

  • Learn the theory and practice of “Yoga for Peace”
  • Increase knowledge of the healing powers of Yoga
  • Increase skills for Yoga with special populations and in special life situations

Leadership Skill Building for Becoming an Effective Change Agent in the World:

  • Learn leadership skills to put own ideas into practice
  • Learn effective communication skills, specific to creating Yoga programs in areas of need, etc.
  • Explore fund raising opportunities to put ideas into action

Skill Building in Common Challenges in High Stress Situations and How Yoga Can Have a Significant Impact:

  • Develop knowledge base of common issues related to trauma
  • Heighten understanding of high stress life situations and examine how persons respond in these life situations (in such areas as: refugee camps, natural disasters, man-made disasters)
  • Understand, if possible – a day in the lives of millions of persons living in poverty and hunger – and answer the question: “Can Yoga help?”

Program Development – for Special Project and YWB Portfolio (submit within 2 months following course)

  • Learn necessary steps to creating humanitarian programs / initiatives / campaigns
  • Learn about the UN Millennium Development Goals and how to establish programs around them (MDGs deal with issues of eradicating hunger and poverty, women empowerment, providing for health, education and a sustainable environment)
  • Learn to create an initiative / program for realizing your vision for taking yoga into the world
  • Create a YPB portfolio, to include those areas pertinent to your YWB work (see below)

Work with National and International Humanitarian Organizations:

  • Learn about working with national and international agencies, joining teams of care givers and  first responders to help in disaster related situations, including working with Red Cross 
  • Understand phases of emergency response and the role of YWB
  • Become certified in emergency response areas(certification will be given during YWB class)
  • Learn about working with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOS), in the field, who are helping to create a better world
  • Examine national and international opportunities available for YWB graduates

Continue to Develop Skills in Yoga, Focused on “Inner Peace for Outer Peace”!!!


* NOTE: YWB Curriculum will evolve and adapt depending on need and interest