Painting Planet Mandalas Course

Mavis Gewant


For thousands of years Tantric seers have observed the powerful influence of the planets on the human spirit. Indian astrology has long understood that while the energy released by the orbiting planets affects our lives, it is also an energy that can be directed and harnessed to improve our spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Mandalas, sacred circular energy patterns reflect our inner nature. Using an ancient number grid, the Vedic Square, an infinite amount of shapes and patterns are created to form a beautiful mandala based on your specific planets. By working with specific colors and mantras, this meditative painting practice will connect us to the deeper energies of the planets, creating more harmony, peace and energy.

Topics of this course include:

  • an overview of the Vedic Numerology System
  • how planets interact with numbers from Jyotish (Vedic astrology)
  • the role of colors and planets¬†
  • how to use the Vedic Square to create mandalas
  • how to make a mandala based on your personal numerology, to receive maximum benefit and harmony with that planet
  • the role of planets and chakras
  • recitation of planetary bija mantras, that correspond to your numbers and planets