Yoga as Muse: Creative Writing Course

'Yoga As Muse' integrates Yoga’s tools into a creative writing process that leads to authentic heart-centered writing.

Jeffrey Davis


The elusive muse has teased and evaded writers for centuries. Distractions, busy-ness, fear, self-criticism, and lack of compassion threaten to keep the muse away. Through unique exercises, discussions, mini-lectures, short readings of professional writing, and optional read-aloud sessions in a safe and supportive environment, experience how Yoga helps you develop confidence, versatility, and authenticity on the mat and on the page. Ultimately, you will develop your own 'Yoga As Muse' practice to take home.

Topics of this course include:

  • The basics of Yoga as Muse: awareness, repetition & experimentation with skillful means
  • The four preparations introduction: intention, time, perseverance & concentration
  • Training the reactive mind to become the creative mind
  • How to follow the body's draft (methods for drafting fresh material on the mat)
  • Concentration as the gateway to creative transformation
  • The constellation mind (intuitive ways to structure and form a piece)
  • Compassion for the webbed self & difficult characters
  • Tracking wonder on the page (Yoga Nidra as Muse, wonder as the heart of creativity & a yogic path)
  • Discussion of the Siva Sutras and contemporary psychology
  • Designing your own Yoga as Muse home practice

Writers and Yogis of all backgrounds are welcome and will benefit.

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Jeff Davis inspires and encourages you in a way that deepens your creative well to blossom an innovative yoga practice allowing the mind to open to surprise and wonder beyond your imagination. — Carol V. Berg