Cardiac Yoga Teacher Training

This comprehensive training program is designed to educate and train Yoga instructors and medical personnel to work with cardiac patients and their support network.

Mala Cunningham


Participants in this program will learn to adapt the basic concepts of Yoga and meditation to the special needs of cardiac patients. This competency-based program educates the participant in anatomy and physiology of the heart, stress and the psycho-social factors of heart disease, adaptation of yoga postures, how to design Cardiac Yoga classes, principles and philosophy of mind-body medicine and yoga and meditation as a mechanism for healing.

Topics of this course include:

  • Cardiac Yoga Defined
  • Anatomy & Physiology of the Heart & Circulatory System
  • Diagnostic / Treatment Options
  • The Psychology of Heart Disease
  • Stress and Heart Disease
  • Yoga as a Healing Modality
  • Clinic - Modified Sun Salutations
  • Teaching & Designing a Cardiac Yoga Class
  • Relaxation & Breathing Practices for Heart Patients
  • Meditation & Visualization Techniques for Heart Patients
  • Facilitating a Discussion Group for Heart Patients
  • Marketing Cardiac Medical Yoga

Required reading for this course includes the Cardiac Yoga Teacher Training Manual, available through Dr. Cunningham's website: (click the tab: Purchase Books and CD's located in the menu bar). The purchase and study of the Cardiac Yoga Training Manual prior to the start of the course will be conducive to the successful passing of the two competency tests that will need to be completed for certification. For further information please submit queries to

Yoga teachers from all traditions are welcome to join this course. Not yet a Yoga teacher? Already a Yoga teacher but consider expanding your personal and teaching practice? Visit our TTC page for details about the Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Course and join a community of over 27,000 Sivananda Yoga Teachers worldwide.

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