How Did the Universe Begin? God, Creation and the Big Bang

Explore both spiritual and scientific approaches to this profound topic and search for harmony between the religious and scientific perspectives.


Ever since humans began to gaze at the sky, they have wondered how the world began. Traditional religion and modern science offer different explanations about the origin of the cosmos.

In this symposium we bring together four prominent teachers: Swami Medhananda (a senior monk at the Kailash Ashram in Rajasthan, India), Dr. Howard Smith (an astrophysicist from Harvard University), Heng Sure (a Buddhist monk and director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery), and Prof. Daniel Matt (a respected authority on Kabbalah).

During successive evening satsangs, each presenter will offer his understanding of the origin of the universe. Over the course of the symposium, there will also be dialogue and discussion between the presenters and an opportunity for all those participating to pose questions.