Music Is Medicine: Cultivating Inner Peace and Manifesting Abundance with Music


Martin Klabunde

Martin Klabunde is an author, a speaker, an international musician, and the founder of Collective Awakening, a music and well being organization in Tucson, AZ. His mission is to harness the power of music to transform, expand and uplift our consciousness. Martin holds a BA in Language and Culture from the University of Arizona. He is a professional musician and one of a handful of Certified Professors of the Djembe at Mamady Keita’s Tam Tam Mandengue International School of Djembe. With over 20 years of teaching, performance, and workshop facilitation experience, Martin brings a wealth of artistry, knowledge and wisdom to Collective Awakening events.

Wing Man Rita Law

A native of Hong Kong, Wing Man came to the United States to pursue a doctoral degree in psychology. Her dissertation, titled "An Analogue Study of Loving-Kindness Meditation as a Buffer against Social Stress,” examined the benefits of loving kindness meditation in social relationships. She received her Ph.D. from The University of Arizona in 2011. Wing Man plays a variety of instruments including the bass adungu (bowl harp from Uganda), the akogo (thumb piano from Uganda), and the djembe. She has performed in a variety of venues from performance theaters to yoga studios and ashrams. Currently, Wing Man leads group affirmation and loving kindness meditation sessions and co-facilitates workshops and retreats nationwide.