Transform Stress into Awakened Living: Relax, Reflect, Revitalize

Julie Lusk


Maximize your energy and health by transforming tension and stress with practical mind-body tools that really work.

We all run into difficult times: work stress, sickness, family issues, relationship problems, burnout, loss, dissatisfaction, confusion. These times can help us grow, only if we are well equipped with the right tools, techniques and attitude needed. We will learn how to avoid getting overwhelmed and to stop suffering from such things as insomnia, headaches, sickness, worry, mental and emotional pain related to stress.

Whether you are in the midst of stress or want to be ready for the next cycle of stress, this program will give you the practical formula you need to transform stress into awakened living.

Students of this course will learn:

  • The dynamics of stress along with its positive and negative aspects
  • Practical 5-minute stress relief techniques
  • A variety of user-friendly relaxation methods that work
  • Strategies to bring instant stress relief and other strategies for long-term success
  • Guided imagery to support health and awaken your inner guidance
  • Exploring a variety of meditation practices to identify the method best for you: mindfulness, japa (mantra repetition), walking meditation and more
  • How to transform daily stress to enjoy life with the DARE to Relax™ self-care plan. DARE includes Diet; Attitude and Awareness; Rest, Relaxation and Recreation; and Exercise

Daily Schedule: There will be a daily 3-hour class from 12:30 to 3:30pm, which will include both lecture and experiential practice. For information about the rest of the daily schedule, please visit:

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Sincere thanks for your teachings and gentle style on transforming stress.  It was challenging to slow down at first, but with each day, your gentle messages simmered and layered into me ...  I enjoyed your "slow cooking" teaching technique.  And amazing, my daughter, Gillian, took the initiative to set up a meditation spot in her living room!  Small steps...

- Joyce Schachter

I feel blessed having been able to attend your course. I do feel I am being more open and conscious of how I carry myself about my day. I feel more connected and self aware than I was before my trip and my attitude has shifted too. My commute is going well - I am more conscious of when it starts to negatively affect me and I close my eyes and think about the beach that day while breathing slowly to release the tension from my jaw. 


-  Caitlin Fitzmaurice