Introduction to Teaching Yoga to Children

April 26 - 28, 2015

Mira Binzen


Share your love of yoga with children and families! Based on current child development principles, the ancient science of yoga is turned into fun, appealing, age-appropriate stuff kids love. You will acquire many tools and techniques to bring the benefits of yoga to children, as well as a deeper understanding of yoga.

Previous yoga experience is helpful but not required.

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga to Children

  • Mental: relieve stress, improve focus, cultivate healthy habits, raise self-awareness
  • Physical: develop balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination; teaches deep breathing and body awareness
  • Emotional: build self-esteem, teach relaxation, generate a sense of peace
  • Self-regulation: provide tools children can draw upon in daily life to regulate their behavior and moods

Specialized Techniques for Kids Include:

Asana (yoga postures)
Proper breathing
Deep relaxation
Sound and movement
Cooperative games
Partner poses