Integrative Weight Loss Retreat

Katie Papo (Ambika)


Move into the New Year feeling light, refreshed and rejuvenated. Nourish and strengthen yourself in the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean, quiet breeze and warm Bahamas sun.

This 5-day full-immersion retreat promises an authentic, holistic and lasting approach to weight loss. Participants of all physical capabilities are warmly welcomed to immerse themselves into a heart and mind-opening program that delves into concepts of weight loss and self-care at deep levels. You are compassionately guided with the knowledge to effectively break through old patterns, heal relationships with food and develop permanent changes to create new ways of living. You will receive individualized attention to see your own journey as your greatest teacher, using each lesson as an opportunity to drop some “extra baggage.”

This intensive retreat includes:

  • Fitness walks and classes along the pristine Paradise Island beach
  • Invigorating, safe and joint-friendly cardiovascular classes with modifications for all physical capabilities
  • Yoga classes (appropriate for beginner and intermediate students) for strength-building, flexibility and deep relaxation
  • Lectures and discussions on healing relationships with food, self-care, scientifically-proven methods of forming new habits, food and nutrition, body image and stress management
  • Mindful eating and tools to conquer cravings
  • Healing through guided meditation, introspection, writing, artistic and creative exercises
  • Weight management tools to take home for your new successful and healthy lifestyle

**To create lasting and permanent change, we recommend you commit yourself to the full experience in the intensive 10-day Integrative Weight Loss Retreat and Course for best results. For those unable to commit to the full ten days, this intensive 5-day Integrative Weight Loss Retreat is the perfect jumpstart to immerse yourself in lifestyle changes, including exercise and yoga classes, as well as lectures and group discussions.

For questions about the course and retreat, please contact Katie directly at