Raja Yoga: Theory and Practice

Swami Brahmananda


(Please note: This course is being offered in place of Advanced Raja Yoga with Swami Swaroopananda.)

Raja Yoga is the most comprehensive and scientific approach to God-Realization. Often called “the royal path,” it systematically develops the capacity for controlling the fluctuations of the mind. The eight limbs of Raja Yoga that are explored and explained in this course can be practiced by anyone regardless of religious or philosophical persuasion.

The precepts and doctrines of this ancient science were first compiled and explained by Patanjali Maharishi, the greatest psychologist of all time. Never has man's mind been so completely analyzed. Never has a process for eliminating human woes and frailties been so succinctly presented. The methods of Raja Yoga are profoundly timeless. Though of ancient origin, they are still the most useful technique available for modern people beset by the tremendous stresses and strains of our competitive contemporary society.