Gracious Living 4 Day Liquid Detox

Grace Van Berkum


This 4-day cleanse is designed to detox the body in a gentle way with no feeling of deprivation. Four days of alkalinizing juices, detox smoothies, and cleansing gazpachos  combined with nutrition discussions, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation. The liquid detox will help to reduce inflammation in the body, cleanse the internal organs, recalibrate the tastebuds, reset the appetite, educate, inspire, and clear the mind. Gracious Living recipes will be included and the final dinner of the detox will end with a special raw food graduation dinner.

Grace will be offering a 4 Day GRACIOUS LIVING RAW, VEGAN HOLIDAY COURSE 2 days after the Liquid Detox showcasing and teaching her recipes and knowledge in the kitchen.