The Waters of Healing: A Course in Cell-Level Healing


Study in the Bahamas brings an opportunity to step away from our everyday experience and into the supportive arms of a tropical paradise... warm sand, gentle winds, the clarity of the bay-side waters, the ebb and flow of the ocean tides.

Join Joyce Hawkes and Helen Folsom as they explore the depths of our healing nature in this new 4 day course. Looking within, both through powerful mircrographic images of cells, and through time-honored spiritual practices, we will explore the healing nature of our physicality and our minds. We will touch the heart of stillness in meditation, sing ourselves to new levels of wholeness, and deepen our ability to be of service to one another through the refined techniques of Cell-Level Healing.

Joyce and Helen will share with you their latest research into the capacity of water to carry blessing for health.

At Sivananda Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island your stay includes 2 vegetarian meals a day and complimentary yoga classes taught by certified instructors. You will have plenty of time to walk on the beach, and take in the relaxed atmosphere. Each morning and evening you will have the opportunity to further engage in meditation and chanting which are regular features of life in this beautiful center of spiritual practice.