The Mahabharata: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Jeffrey Armstrong


Join us on a spectacular adventure as Vedic Scholar and storyteller of ancient wisdom Jeffrey Armstrong/Kavindra Rishi leads his listeners on the epic pathways of the Mahabharata, India’s greatest epic poem. The famous Bhagavad Gita is only 700 verses within the 100,000 verses of this amazing history of ancient India. Experience the glory, wealth, opulence, beauty, and enlightening knowledge of this 5,000-year-old yoga classic. Through this rich and many layered story, you will re-live the classic period of India’s history, when the ultimate Avatar Bhagavan Sri Krishna appeared on Earth along with millions of associates and friends. This amazing story reveals the secrets of how good and evil fight eternally on the platform of planet Earth. The Mahabharata is written on three distinct levels; the physical, the psychological and the Transcendental. You will marvel as the story comes alive revealing the presence of the Devas in nature, the intentions of the ultimate Purna Avatar’s descend into matter and the meanings of all this to the purpose of human life. Just hearing the Mahabharata properly is a profound yoga.

This series is a companion to the rather complex Mahabharata Story. Armstrong is a master storyteller who skillfully explains the characters, the hidden meanings and initiations within the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata war is a metaphor for all of life's battles and all the characters "show up". It's an exciting adventure story, as pertinent today as it was 5000 years ago.