Guided Imagery & Creative Visualization: Meditations for Health, Self Awareness & Joy

Julie Lusk


Learn about and experience the potency of guided imagery.  It is a powerful mind-body-spirit technique that everyone can do.  It’s capable of creating deep relaxation, activating your natural capacity to heal, assisting behavior change, revealing intuition and unlocking your highest potential.  Time will be devoted to experiencing many types of guided imagery, exploring personal experiences, and understanding  relevant scientific principles.   Together we will practice guided imagery within the context of the seven major chakras (energy centers) and the five koshas (sheaths). Thousands are already using Julie’s guided imagery exercises in hospitals nationwide for increasing health.

Highlights of Julie’s Guided Imagery Course:

  • 9 CEU’s awarded to nurses, social workers and licensed mental health counselors (NBCC)
  • Understand the principles of guided imagery and creative visualization
  • Identify the guided imagery techniques that are aligned with your temperament
  • Heighten your ability to practice and benefit from guided imagery
  • Learn to use guided imagery to support health and live life meaningfully
  • Expand your skills and build your usage of guided imagery
  • Experience a variety of trustworthy guided imagery methods  to
  • Reduce stress and improve energy
  • Support health and healing
  • Meaningfully awaken your intuitive wisdom source
  • Identify and support  making positive behavioral changes
  • You will leave feeling relaxed, energized, and motivated

Daily Schedule: There will be a daily 3-hour class from 2:30 to 5:30pm, which will include both lecture and experiential practice. For information about the rest of the daily schedule, please visit:


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Julie, I feel blessed having been able to attend your course. I do feel I am being more open and conscious of how I carry myself about my day. I feel more connected and self aware than I was before my trip and my attitude has shifted too. My commute is going well - I am more conscious of when it starts to negatively affect me and I close my eyes and think about the beach that day while breathing slowly to release the tension from my jaw. I've been using the mudras too! I've been making an effort to continue my yoga practice and that is helping me as well.  — Caitlin