Yoga for Peace Symposium: Changing the World from the Inside Out


Following Swami Vishnudevananda’s mission of promoting inner and outer peace, we are delighted to host the 7th Yoga for Peace Symposium. Featuring world-renowned speakers who have dedicated their lives to promoting peace among people and nations, inner peace and sustainability, we invite you to join us for this gathering and become inspired to change the world from the inside out.

In this symposium, we learn from activists themselves how to contribute to changing the world. Moshe Cohen (Mr. YooWho) will share from his experience as a “clown without borders” and Elaine Valdov from her experience as the founder of “Yogis without Borders.” Brant Secunda will speak to us about protecting the earth and Amy Weintraub will discuss the important work of teaching yoga to those suffering from trauma. Linda Graham will encourage us to bring mindfulness to ourselves and others and Joshua Goldstein will present research showing that contrary to what we think, war and violence are actually declining in the world (so what we are doing is actually working!).

We will learn that in order to help bring peace, we first need to find our own inner peace and joy. And yet, our social engagement is by itself spiritual practice. By helping others, we gain peace and joy. Finally, we will gain a few practical tools to help us develop and carry out our own initiatives.