Teen Yoga Holiday Program

December 26 - January 2, 2015

Nora Benian (Sundari)


Teens, ages 11-17 will get to explore the ancient practice of yoga while making friends. They will be challenged physically and mentally in this week-long intensive program. Teens will learn the foundations of yoga including postures, breathing, meditation, hygiene practices and the history and philosophy for a well-rounded introduction to a beneficial life long yoga practice.

The physical practice of yoga (Asanas) helps to develop balance, strength, flexibility, discipline, mental focus and concentration. Included is information on anatomy, physiology and the energy system. Deep breathing exercises (Pranayama) promote internal cleansing, the release of toxins, negative/restless energy and helps to build the vital force. Meditation promotes self-awareness, the clearing of unnecessary or harmful thoughts, develops the ability to look within, think for oneself, trust oneself and increases mental powers. Karma Yoga develops a sense of service in the community and teaches cooperation and valuable life skills that can be taken out into the world.

A regular practice of yoga develops a feeling of peace and self-confidence, helps to maintain hormonal balance, keeps the mind and body healthy and the spirit vibrant thus planting positive seeds for tomorrow.

It is required that an adult accompany the youth as a guest while at the retreat. Teen students will spend 4 hours a day learning and practicing yoga, 1 hour a day of karma yoga, plus attend evening Satsangs daily and live fully immersed in the teachings yoga.

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Sundari will be offering private yoga therapy sessions from November 14, 2013 - January 4, 2014. We recommend scheduling in advance in order to secure the date. Please contact the Yoga Retreat to schedule an appointment.