Yoga for Home Practice: Establishing a Daily Spiritual Routine

Sylvie Boisclair (Saraswati)


Learn how to combine yoga with your daily routine and find peace, lasting happiness, calmness. Explore Swami Sivananda’s 20 spiritual instructions which will give you a firm foundation for a steady daily spiritual routine which covers every aspect of your personality. Allow yourself to become better equipped to cope with the complex demands of modern life by practicing Yoga beyond the postures (asanas).

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Saraswati will be offering private yoga sessions from December 25, 2013 - January 1, 2014. This is an opportunity to cater to your individual needs, giving you a chance to fully explore your potential and limitations under the guidance of a highly experienced teacher. We recommend scheduling in advance in order to secure a date. Please contact the Yoga Retreat to schedule an appointment.