Yoga and Self Thai Yoga Massage

Nora Benian (Sundari)


Self Thai Yoga Massage therapy is based on the principles of the ancient practices of Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage. This workshop fuses a spectrum of techniques: acupressure work, therapeutic yoga, breath work & energy line massage. Learn how to find acupressure points and how to release blockages in the energy flow. Relax deeper than ever before and learn to channel the life force into congested areas of the body. Discover ways to create better mobility in the joints and increase overall flexibility bringing your yoga practice to a whole new level. You will learn how to soothe tired feet, ease a headache, release tension from the face, chest, abdomen, hips, shoulders, back, neck, arms and hands.

This workshop will help you feel brand new and move you beyond your previous limitations in your yoga practice and in your overall well-being.

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Sundari will be offering private yoga therapy sessions from November 14, 2013 - January 4, 2014. We recommend scheduling in advance in order to secure the date. Please contact the Yoga Retreat to schedule an appointment.