The Descent of Grace: Teachings on the Hanuman Chalisa

Swami Shantananda


Lord Hanuman, the devoted servant of Lord Rama and Sita and the embodiment of devotion and might, has kindled the light of devotion and service in the hearts of many. The Hanuman Chalisa tells the story of Lord Hanuman's heroism and Divine virtues which make him a role model for spiritual aspirants. As such, the Hanuman Chalisa is a guide for leading a spiritual life. The Hanuman Chalisa was composed by the great saint Gosvai Tulsidas when he was very sick. It is said that he recovered from his illness when he sang the praise of Lord Hanuman. It is a lovely garland of forty verses strung by Gosvami Tulsidas and can be offered daily to the Lord of your heart. Join us as we celebrate the glories of Lord Hanuman through the teachings of the Hanuman Chalisa.