Yoga for Osteoporosis Teacher Training

February 14 - 18, 2015

Beata Barnard (Savitri-Devi)


Integrating Yoga into the process of healing Osteoporosis and maintaining healthy bones is a useful tool for Yoga Teachers working with adults. Rediscover the Five Points of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda as a holistic approach to Osteoporosis following the correlation between Yoga postures and the way they are performed to increase bone mass density (BMD). Learn four qualities that Yoga postures provide for Osteoporosis targeting the most vulnerable bones susceptible to fracture. Upon course completion you will become a skilled Yoga Teacher, able to assess individual requirements, as well as prescribing and adjusting yoga postures for optimum benefits in all levels of practice. 

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For so many who suffer with osteoporosis, this course is a great fusion of yoga and weight-bearing exercises. I really enjoyed the approach of demonstrating how people should lower themselves to mat safely and effectively. Combining yoga with strength, balance, and endurance training ... the assessment presented really captures the essence of what is necessary for getting older and the tools to provide for an improved quality of life. I really enjoyed the class and could see it being a good adjunct therapy strategy that can be great asset to allied-health professionals. — Dina D., DSc. PT, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Mayo Clinic