Introduction to Permaculture and Spirituality

Bill Wilson


Permaculture (permanent-culture) is a design approach to thinking and living on the planet. 

Permaculture designing and thinking simply asks the question “what does it take for us as humans to live in genuine abundance while also caring for all natural systems and ensuring that there is even more for future generations?” 

When taken to heart, this process of conscious and responsible living parallels a very spiritual approach to life.

Bill Wilson, co-founder of Midwest Permaculture and an internationally recognized permaculture teacher and designer, was introduced to permaculture while following his own spiritual journey.  He experienced permaculture thinking and designing as a physical world manifestation of a sacred approach to life. 

And…regardless of any spiritual connection, permaculture is simply a very scientific and common-sense method of designing livable systems that support life and a genuine sense of community on the planet. 

Join Bill as he shares intimate aspects of his journey toward a greater appreciation and connection to life, to others, and to himself.