A Science of Being: Exploring the Mysteries of Consciousness

Peter Russell


Peter Russell shares his most recent thinking on the nature of consciousness and its role in the universe. He shows that the fundamental essence of the cosmos is not matter but mind. While many have taught this from spiritual and metaphysical perspectives, Peter arrives at this conclusion using contemporary science. In this context, spiritual awakening becomes a natural part of evolution, opening us to our true nature. The key is something as simple as surrendering all effort and resistance. The beauty of this approach is that nothing needs to be changed or eliminated.

Join Peter as he leads participants through a journey of inner exploration, addressing questions such as: What is consciousness? How does it arise? Does consciousness create reality? Can science and spirituality be reconciled? What lies at the heart of the world's spiritual teachings? How can we release our minds from fear, judgment, and attachment and so become more present and alive? How can we let go into the fullness of the present? And what do we really mean by ā€œIā€?