Conscious Strategies Cleanse


This 10 day event is an exploration of cleansing the body and inculcating healthy lifestyle practices to enhance our daily lives. What better time of year than this to cleanse and rejuvenate, establish new habits and build friendships? The program is designed to create transformations on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Kick old habits and jump start your life while having fun.

Our goal is to revive and invigorate the body’s inner wisdom to recharge the ever-flowing fountain of youth. We provide a safe and supportive environment to deeply explore, restore and elevate the mind, body and spirit. High frequency food, herbal supplements, yoga, meditation, and dance will aid in this transformation. Health coaching and nutritional symposiums allow for deeper personal inquiry and practical approaches for long term success.

We begin gradually with a few days of raw food, followed by fruit and vegetable juice fasting, and end with a raw food diet. The food offered is supported by detoxifying herbs and supplements. The movement classes, yoga and dance, are designed to enhance digestion, elimination and integration for optimum cleansing and health. As health coaches and experienced cleanse enthusiasts we offer our aid and guidance during all steps of this process.

Colon hydrotherapy can be arranged through reception during this program.

Benefits of this program include:

  • All organ systems of your body become cleansed
  • Relieve congestion in your body & improve eliminative functions
  • Balance digestion
  • Increase absorption of nutrients
  • Aid in weight reduction
  • Relieve tiredness and re-energize your body, mind and spirit
  • Reduce skin problems and ease pain and inflammation

Now is the time to experience robust vitality and make strides toward thriving on all levels.

This course is open to all. However if you have a severe chronic condition or are on medication, please consult your doctor before registering for the program.

Please download and complete the following form and email or fax back prior to arriving. Please bring with you natural body care products only.