Krishna Jayanti: Celebrate the Playful Side of the Divine


On this evening, we will celebrate the life of Lord Krishna with a special puja (devotional ceremony) and joyous chants to Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna is held to be the “Yogeshwara”, Lord of Yoga and “Jagad Guru” – the Guru of the whole world. It is Lord Krishna that gives teachings on every aspect of life to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God).

"Krishna, who has become the Beloved of India and the world at large, had a threefold objective: to destroy the wicked demons, to play the leading role in the great war fought on the battlefield of Kurukshetra (where he delivered His wonderful message of the Gita) and to become the centre of a marvelous development of the Bhakti (devotional) schools of India."  — Swami Sivananda