Gracious Living 7 Day Liquid Detox Retreat

November 17 - 23, 2014

Grace Van Berkum


Join us for this 1 week retreat as we cleanse the body with raw, vegan alkalizing foods, juices, smoothies, and gazpachos to improve metabolism, improve digestion, cleanse internal organs, reduce inflammation, increase energy, recalibrate the tastebuds, reset the appetite, educate, inspire, and clear the mind.

This retreat will change your approach to eating while you learn how specific foods promote health and prevent disease, and even heal disease. The cleansing and detoxifying menu is prepared and designed in creative, delicious ways filled with nutrient dense super-foods to ensure that you do not feel deprived. The menu is anti-allergen and anti-inflammatory, and all meals are wheat-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Learn how these raw, vegan foods can increase vitality and energy.

This detox retreat is different from others in 3 ways:

  1. It provides you with a 1 week cleansing and detoxifying menu to reboot your body with an experienced health professional and team.
  2. It gives you practical tools and a Gracious Living take home recipe book so that you can implement a healthy, cleansing lifestyle when you go back home.
  3. It is done in the peaceful, supportive environment of the Yoga Retreat complimentary and conducive to spiritual evolution. Such a retreat done in a yoga ashram enhances the detoxification process and provides the opportunity to focus on healing, learning, and relaxation with no distractions.

The daily schedule includes:

  • 3 detox meal times at 10, 1:30, and 6 and a 1 hour nutriton lecture everyday
  • Twice daily ashram yoga classes with pranayama breathing exercises
  • Daily nutrition lectures and demonstrations on how to incorporate healthy living, nutrition and lifestyle tips into everyday life with ease and confidence
  • Twice daily meditation and temple satsangs for mental detox and inspiration
  • Take home recipe book is included

Nutrition lecture topics:

  • Raw Foods and Vegan Foods 101: How plant-based foods can help heal the body, disease, and ultimately help heal the planet
  • Keys to Proper Hydration
  • Smoothies vs. Juices: includes demos on how to make amazing smoothies, juices, and dairy-free nut milks
  • Best Equipment to Use
  • Kitchen Inventory: must-haves in the kitchen
  • Anti-Inflammatory Recovery Nutrition
  • Why Eating Is a Spiritual Process

Gain a fresh and natural approach to eating and learn how live foods make you feel more alive!