Walking with the Mystics Symposium

November 23 - 30, 2014


Come celebrate union with the sacred through multiple spiritual traditions. Mysticism is about the direct connection with the Divine, which melts the boundaries of form and transcends religious dogma. For many mystics, this merging with Ultimate Reality is experienced as a personal relationship between soul-as-lover and God-as-Beloved, best expressed in poetry and song. In encountering these timeless teachings, we not only develop an appreciation for the great beings who have walked the mystic’s path, but we learn to navigate the mystery of love with every step we take.

Join a world-renowned group of teachers for this transformative inter-spiritual symposium. Immerse yourself in the sweet and fiery love-language of Christian mystics and Sufi ecstatics. Absorb the abiding peace of Buddhist wisdom practices, the depth of teachings from the yoga tradition, and the soaring power of ancient Jewish prayers. Through silent meditation and joyful chanting, deep dialog and engaging stories, we gain access to the perennial wisdom that unifies all religions and invites us into an ever-greater connectedness with all that is.