Christmas and New Year's Symposium: Unity in Diversity: Welcoming a New World

December 22 - January 1, 2015


According to yoga philosophy, the one God or Ultimate Reality manifests as a multiplicity of names, forms, shapes, and colors. “Unity” and “diversity” are one and the same and their essence is our own essence: pure existence, pure consciousness, and pure bliss. Join us for a gathering of spiritual leaders, mystics, and musicians from the world’s major spiritual traditions and gain a direct glimpse of this truth.

During this special time of the year around the winter solstice and Christmas holiday, when people worldwide are engaged in religious and spiritual traditions and preparations for a hopeful new year, we invite you to an experience of wisdom, love, and compassion. Through talks, concerts, spiritual practices, discussions, and more, you will participate in breaking down artificial barriers and experience the underlying unity in our diversity.

Come celebrate light, truth, and peace and welcome in a new year with deep hope for our shared humanity.