The Yoga of Sound and Voice Training

January 23 - 29, 2015

John Beaulieu

Silvia Nakkach


Experience the transformative power of sound and music with two renowned scholars and clinicians. Combining master classes, lectures, devotional chanting sessions, clinics, movement, and music making, this in-depth training explores various dimensions of healing with sound: the scientific, yogic, creative, and shamanic. Special emphasis will be given to voice development, creative expression, and recent molecular research on sound healing. The teachings and techniques you’ll learn can be integrated into all healing modalities including medicine, nursing, chiropractic, psychotherapy, bodywork, energy work, music performance, and yoga classes. These practices promote a state of euphoria, leading to enhanced wellness and greater possibility for accomplishment and success in all aspects of life.

Topics of this course include:

The Science of Sound, Voice & Yoga: methods to integrate sound, chanting, yoga, and healing, using the ancient energy principles based on modern scientific research

Tuning Your Nervous System: BioSonic tuning forks apply sound to the body to help manage pain and increase joint mobility

Balancing the Five Elements through Music, Voice & Movement

Devotion through Sound: Shabda, Nada Yoga, Bhava Yoga, Bhakti chants and kirtan, Tantric chanting, sound mudras, and medicine melodies to unite with the flow of the Divine

Release Points of Tension & Flexibility in the Voice: practices based on ancient and modern vocal technique to assist any voice impediment

Musical Expression & Technique: become familiar with the 108 Vocal-Art Strategies of Yoga of the Voice training to compose and share healing sound and music

Vocal Metabolism: stimulate the brain and enhance memory through call-and-response chanting

The Singing Spine & the Chakra System: scanning and vocal purification practices open, cleanse, and revitalize the energy centers and the subtle body

Mystic Scales & the Art of Melody: Raga singing and rasas

Musical Shamanism: the indigenous and primordial experience of cosmic sound and nature. Consciousness: the art and science of euphoria; trance, ritual, and ceremonial sound awaken luminous states of consciousness and a joyous sense of well-being.

Clinics & Supervised Practice Time Sacred Sound Ceremonies: uninterrupted sessions of vocal meditation, kirtan, mantra power, shamanic journey, and the repetition of syllables with an intent.

Each practitioner will take home a personal musical sadhana. Everyone, regardless of musical training, will learn to use music and sound to heal. Being a musician is not a prerequisite for taking this course.

Please bring The book Free Your Voice by Silvia Nakkach, and a recording device to record the sessions and the chants.

A Practicum on Yoga of the Voice will be offered January 30-31.