Plan a Visit to the Yoga Retreat

Come join us at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat! Discover a haven far from the hectic demands of everyday life. Your unique Yoga adventure will provide an opportunity to develop radiant health, inner peace and balance through the practice of ancient Yogic techniques.

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Day Visitors

If you live in the area or you're just passing through, consider joining us for the day! 

You are welcome to join our 8am or 4pm yoga class (or coordinate a private class in advance by calling us); join our workshops at 12pm or 2pm, have your brunch (10am) or dineer (6pm) with us, or come for a meditation, chanting and studing gathering at 6am or 8pm.

Please coordinate your arrival time with our boat schedule (see 'Getting Here').

The Day Visitor Rate (for visitors not staying at the ashram) is $45 per day. This price includes two meals, Yoga classes, satsangs, workshops, special programs and events. For single Yoga class rates and other drop-in options, visit our Rates page.