Presenting at the Ashram

Thank you for your interest in presenting a program at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat. We wish to provide you with information about our program and how you may become one of our speakers.

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About Our Program

Our program is comprised of Courses, Yoga Vacation Programs and Symposiums or Festivals which introduce a variety of subjects relevant to spiritual aspirants — whether they come for a short vacation, a longer stay as staff or for a specific training. Subjects include scripture studies, meditation, Ayurveda, healing, body and mind balancing and many others.

  • Courses are usually presented by highly accomplished teachers. They are designed to inspire and train students to become skilful teachers and practitioners and provide ancient and modern knowledge, presented in both theoretical and experiential manners, in an environment which supports learning and growth. All courses require pre-registration and can range from three to ten days.
  • Yoga Vacation Programs are a wonderful opportunity to introduce topics to the entire population of the Ashram during satsangs (Ashram gatherings) and afternoon workshops. Workshops allow the presenter access to the Ashram’s general population whether it is guests coming for a Yoga Vacation, the Ashram’s staff or students attending one of the Ashram’s courses. Yoga Vacation Programs can explore a topic in detail or provide an introduction to the presented subject.
  • Symposiums & Festivals are vibrant, multi-participant events, blessed with spirit-lifting energies in which one topic is explored in-depth during a period of one week to ten days by a group of experts on the presented topic.