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Swami SivanandaSwami Vishnu

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Contentment is derived from the approach and attitude toward the external world, not from the objects themselves.

—Swami Vishnudevananda

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What a beautiful heart space Sivananda Yoga Retreat is and such a lovely flow: one moment you’re taking a yoga class, the next listening to incredible teachers from many different backgrounds or swimming in the warm clear blue Caribbean sea and soaking up the rays on beautiful paradise beach.

—Guest from Leeds, United Kingdom

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Beginning February 9, 2016
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Yoga Vacation Program
February 12 — 15, 2016
Katie Papo (Ambika)

Join us for a motivating and inspirational series of workshops exploring the link between stress and weight management.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 12 — 14, 2016
David Newman (Durga Das)

Step into the sacred for a joyous weekend of call-and-response chanting and devotional song with kirtan recording artist David Newman (Durga Das).

Experiential Course
February 12 — 15, 2016
Shyam and Mohini

Come discover how the classical teachings of yoga can help you find and sustain a rich, loving relationship.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 12 — 16, 2016

Discover the beauty and rich heritage of Nassau during this special week of outings, games, and fun activities in combination with the Yoga Vacation Program.

Experiential Course
February 13 — 17, 2016
Anne Douglas

This retreat, designed for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike, offers profound healing benefits in body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 13 — 14, 2016
Swami Hridyananda

This program will offer you tools for identifying the habitual negative thought patterns that prevent you from fulfilling your highest potential.

Experiential Course
February 14 — 18, 2016
Angelo Castello

Discover how the spine and brain influence health and wellness.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 15 — 20, 2016
Edwin Bryant

Come explore a selection of the most beloved, charming, and delightful tales of bhakti from the Bhagavata Purana.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 16 — 19, 2016
Roshi Bernie Glassman and Roshi Eve Myonen Marko

Roshi Bernie Glassman and Roshi Eve Myonen Marko will will inspire you to take action and make your life matter to you and to others.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 17 — 19, 2016

The yamas and niyamas (ethical guidelines) are the first two steps of the Raja Yoga system.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 19 — 21, 2016
Krishna Das

Nourish your heart, inspire your mind, and uplift your spirit through chant, music, and devotion with Krishna Das.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 20, 2016
Nina Rao

Together we will chant the Hanuman Chalisa along with musical accompaniment and discover how this ancient practice is still relevant to us today.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 22 — 25, 2016

Learn the relevance and benefits of yoga philosophy for modern daily life.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 22 — 25, 2016
Robert Moss

In this entertaining, high-energy workshop we enter the realm of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and shamanic journeying. 

Yoga Vacation Program
February 24 — 27, 2016
Linda Graham

Gain skills in using self-directed neuroplasticity as a genuine support for wisdom and inner peace.

Sivananda Core Course
February 24 — 28, 2016
Senior Staff of the Yoga Retreat

Relax, take a break from your life and discover how to find inner peace, contentment and happiness from within.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 25, 2016
Swami Swaroopananda

Ask anything you ever wanted to know about yoga practice and philosophy and the spiritual path.

Experiential Course
February 25 — 28, 2016
Jennifer Louden

Dive into a beloved writing project or jumpstart a stuck one.

Experiential Course
February 26 — 29, 2016
Manu Dawson

Nutritionist Manu Dawson guides you in the fundamentals of a healthy vegetarian yogic diet — from soup to nuts.

Special Event
February 26 — 29, 2016
G.S. Sachdev, Swapan Chaudhuri, Sanhita Nandi, Pandit Habib Khan, Shyam Kane, and Niharika Mohanty

An uplifting and inspirational experience of classical Indian music and dance with renowned masters.

Experiential Course
February 26 — 28, 2016
Erin Bidlake

Explore tools and ancient wisdom designed to find light when facing the challenges of living with Lyme Disease.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 26 — March 1, 2016

Discover the practicality of a daily yoga practice.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 27 — 29, 2016
Swami Brahmananda

Join us on a journey exploring the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, as described by the great yogi Patanjali Maharishi.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 29 — March 3, 2016
Kam Thye Chow

Learn to safely adjust others in yoga postures using Thai Yoga Massage touch techniques.

Sivananda Core Course
February 29 — March 4, 2016
Senior Staff of the Yoga Retreat

This inspiring course provides you with the essentials to jumpstart your own yoga practice — whether you are new to yoga or have experience in classes.

Experiential Course
February 29 — March 4, 2016
Meera Patricia Kerr

Experience a gentle approach to asana practice that is both comfortable and accessible.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 2 — 4, 2016
Ramesh Parmar

Preksha Meditation is an ancient Jain meditation technique to discover oneself through one’s inner eye.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 2 — 4, 2016
Suba Parmar

Join us for a very special program of performances and workshops with Suba Parmar.

Experiential Course
March 3, 2016
Master Ou Wen Wei

Come learn the Moving Form of Pangu Shengong mystical qigong with its originator, Master Ou Wen Wei.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 3 — 4, 2016

Swami Sivananda described sadhana as spiritual movement that is consciously systematized.

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