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Swami SivanandaSwami Vishnu

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Contentment is derived from the approach and attitude toward the external world, not from the objects themselves.

—Swami Vishnudevananda

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Sivananda Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas is an amazing place to spend a vacation. It’s on a small island next to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The most important thing for me was to practice yoga and relax. The atmosphere in the retreat is extremely tranquil. The teachers and staff are professional, so one can have great improvement in the yoga practice.

—Guest from Tel Aviv, Israel

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Beginning March 3, 2015
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Yoga Vacation Program
March 4 — 6, 2015
Swami Hridyananda
Positive thinking is one of the basic principles of yoga, and serves as an essential factor in any process of self transformation.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 5 — 8, 2015
Roshi Bernie Glassman and Roshi Eve Myonen Marko
Roshi Bernie Glassman and Roshi Eve Myonen Marko will will inspire you to take action and make your life matter to you and to others.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 6 — 8, 2015
Beata Barnard (Savitri-Devi)
Discover how to protect your bones through the Five Points of Yoga as taught by Swami Vishnudevananda.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 8 — 11, 2015
Mirabai Bush
Mirabai Bush will teach mindfulness practices adapted for the workplace.
Professional Training
March 8 — 10, 2015
Angelo Castello
Learn to identify structural imbalances with expert precision in this hands-on experiential training for yoga teachers.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 8 — 10, 2015
It is said that the only way to light a candle is with another candle; this is the relationship of the student and teacher.
Professional Training
March 8 — 13, 2015
Kam Thye Chow
Thai Yoga Massage Level 2 expands upon the techniques learned in Level 1 and covers how to perform an expanded 2 1/2 hour customized session.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 9 — 12, 2015
Silvia San Miguel (Surya)
In this series of workshops, we will study the depth of the preliminary stages of Raja Yoga that help establish a firm basis for our meditation practice.
Yoga Teacher Training
March 10 — April 6, 2015
DROP EVERYTHING AND GROW OFFER for March TTC: Save $705 on dorm accommodations. Call today to register.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 11 — 14, 2015
Suba Ramesh Parmar
Join us for a very special program of performances and workshops with Suba Ramesh Parmar.
Professional Training
March 11 — 15, 2015
Amy Weintraub
This program is Part A of a three-part certification program to become a LifeForce Yoga Practitioner.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 12, 2015
Ramesh Parmar
Preksha Meditation is an ancient Jain meditation technique to discover oneself through one’s inner eye.
Professional Training
March 13 — 17, 2015
Marc Halpern (Siva)
Learn techniques which will allow you to reach new states of conscious awareness and how to teach it to others.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 13 — 15, 2015
Matthew Fox
Come recover the rich wisdom and explore the universal truths of Eastern and Western mystical traditions.
Special Event
March 15 — 19, 2015
Swami Swaroopananda, Nathan Katz, Daniel Matt, Douglas Canterbury-Counts, Judith Simmer-Brown, and Vasudha Narayanan
According to mystical and religious traditions, the deepest secrets of the universe and the soul are expressed through archetypes of the feminine and masculine.
Experiential Course
March 17 — 19, 2015
Swami Omkarananda
This course will explore the connection between modern ecology, environmental activism, and the ancient Vedic tradition.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 17 — 19, 2015
Krishna Das
Do you find practicing yoga postures difficult due to injury, obesity, sickness, or other physical constraint?
Professional Training
March 18 — 22, 2015
Nora Benian (Sundari)
In this training for certified yoga instructors, you will gain a solid foundation in teaching restorative yoga.
Professional Training
March 19 — 31, 2015
Marc Halpern (Siva) and Marisa Laursen (Sri Devi)
This certification course trains yoga teachers to provide personalized Ayurvedic yoga therapy programs and to conduct dosha-specific yoga classes.
Sivananda Core Course
March 20 — 22, 2015
New to Sivananda Yoga? New to Yoga? This foundational course provides a jumpstart.
Special Event
March 20 — 24, 2015
Swami Swaroopananda, John Kastner, Andy and Noella Bouvier, Lisa Ramshaw, and Frederic Luskin
Forgiveness is a powerful part of spiritual life and a deeply transformative practice.
Professional Training
March 23 — 26, 2015
Nora Benian (Sundari)
This certified training for yoga teachers and health-care practitioners gives you the skills to integrate therapeutic yoga and healing modalities into your practice.
Professional Training
March 23 — 31, 2015
Marc Halpern (Siva) and Marisa Laursen (Sri Devi)
This certification course trains yoga teachers to provide personalized Ayurvedic yoga therapy programs and to conduct dosha-specific yoga classes.
Sivananda Core Course
March 23 — 27, 2015
Senior Staff of the Yoga Retreat
Relax, take a break from your life and discover how to find inner peace, contentment and happiness from within.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 25 — 27, 2015
Silvia San Miguel (Surya)
Develop a yogic lifestyle that suits your daily schedule and transform your outlook on work, family, and life in general.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 26 — 30, 2015
Catherine Gillies (Kumari)
Within the sacred space of the ashram, you are invited to heal old wounds and transform depression, grief, trauma, and anxiety.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 27 — 28, 2015
Russill Paul
Allow the sacred power of sound to bring you fully alive during two days of high-energy chanting and devotional bliss.
Experiential Course
March 28 — 30, 2015
Learn to prepare vegetarian recipes that are healthy for the body, mind, and spirit, and also highly nutritious and delicious.
Yoga Vacation Program
March 29 — 30, 2015
Silvia San Miguel (Surya)
In this program, we will explore the rationale for taking on or deepening a personal mindfulness practice.
Special Event
March 29 — April 7, 2015
Joan Borysenko, Judith Orloff, Steven Halpern, James S. Gordon, Pamela Hale, Marc Halpern (Siva), Marisa Laursen (Sri Devi), Gaura Vani, and Marilyn Rossner
Learn how to experience your radiant health and vitality as we explore healing modalities from various traditions and their connection to spirituality.
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