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Swami SivanandaSwami Vishnu

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“The Absolute is All. Truth is Absolute. You are That. This is the essence of spiritual teaching.”

—Swami Sivananda

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What a beautiful heart space Sivananda Yoga Retreat is and such a lovely flow: one moment you’re taking a yoga class, the next listening to incredible teachers from many different backgrounds or swimming in the warm clear blue Caribbean sea and soaking up the rays on beautiful paradise beach.

—Guest from Leeds, United Kingdom

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Beginning November 22, 2014
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Special Event
November 23 — 30, 2014
Mirabai Starr, Swami Brahmananda, Zuleikha, Ralph Steele, Father Dave Denny, Tessa Bielecki, Rabbi David Ingber, and Jorge Alfano
Join a world-renowned group of teachers for this transformative inter-spiritual symposium.
Yoga Vacation Program
November 23 — December 1, 2014
Arjuna and Swami Brahmananda
Celebrate Thanksgiving at the Sivananda Ashram Bahamas and immerse yourself in the joyful mood of gratitude!
Yoga Vacation Program
November 24 — 29, 2014
Tara Rachel Jones (Omkari) and Aaron Jones (Sivaram)
In this Thanksgiving program, children will be introduced to yoga through short asana classes, chanting, crafts, Karma Yoga, storytelling, and lots of games and fun.
Sivananda Core Course
November 28 — 30, 2014
New to Sivananda Yoga? New to yoga? This foundational course provides a jumpstart.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 1 — 3, 2014
Swami Brahmananda
Discover your inner bliss through the practice of Karma Yoga.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 2 — 4, 2014
Mavis Gewant
Learn how to paint yantras, sacred geometric patterns that Vedic astrologers have used for ages.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 3 — 6, 2014
Molly Asebey-Birkholm (Madhavi)
Take an experiential journey to develop a personalized practice using simple techniques that fit within your schedule and lifestyle.
Yoga Teacher Training
December 4 — 31, 2014
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Learn how to bring the benefits of classical yoga to others and take your yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level.
Sivananda Core Course
December 5 — 7, 2014
In this weekend program, learn meditation to improve your concentration and happiness and experience less stress and anxiety in daily life.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 5 — 8, 2014
Rubin Naiman
Learn how to address insomnia and improve the quality of your sleep based on an integrative body, mind and spirit approach to sleep and dreams.
Experiential Course
December 6 — 7, 2014
Connie Williams (Purna)
The course introduces participants to energy and the energy body (which includes 11 major chakras, the aura, and health rays) and increases awareness and sensitivity to life-force energy.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 7 — 9, 2014
Mavis Gewant
Learn the imagery, colors, elements, deities, and mantras associated with each chakra.
Experiential Course
December 8 — 9, 2014
Connie Williams (Purna)
In Advanced Pranic Healing you will learn advanced techniques to scan, and activate or inhibit chakras to balance the energy body.
Sivananda Core Course
December 8 — 12, 2014
New to Sivananda Yoga? New to Yoga? This foundational course provides a jumpstart.
Experiential Course
December 8 — 11, 2014
Krishna Das
Come experience asanas in completely new ways in this 5-day course.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 9 — 12, 2014
Father William Meninger
The enneagram is an ancient tool with modern overtones for discovering humility and love.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 10 — 12, 2014
Father William Meninger
In this program, you will learn a process for overcoming obstacles to forgiveness through the practices of the Christian contemplative tradition.
Experiential Course
December 10 — 11, 2014
Connie Williams (Purna)
This course is designed specifically for managing and balancing energies in the psycho-emotional body.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 10 — 12, 2014
Mavis Gewant
By working with specific colors and mantras, this meditative painting practice will connect you to the deeper energies of the planets, creating more harmony, peace and energy.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 12 — 15, 2014
Karnamrita Dasi
Gain a deeper understanding of the power of sound vibration and learn simple ways to introduce sound practices into your daily life.
Experiential Course
December 12 — 17, 2014
Tulku Sherdor
This course offers yoga and meditation practitioners and teachers an opportunity to learn and train in a range of meditative methods.
Sivananda Core Course
December 13 — 17, 2014
In this course, you will deepen your experience with the 12 basic postures of Sivananda Yoga. Each day focuses on a new theme while practicing asana.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 13 — 19, 2014
Katie Papo (Ambika)
Join us for a motivating and inspirational series of workshops exploring the link between stress and weight management.
Experiential Course
December 14 — 20, 2014
Tom Francescott
This doctor-supervised, gluten-free juice cleanse provides the tools and jumpstart you need to radically change your life and boost your energy.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 15 — 18, 2014
Roshi Bernie Glassman and Roshi Eve Myonen Marko
In their own special and engaging way, Roshi Bernie Glassman and Roshi Eve Myonen Marko will introduce the art of making a real difference.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 16 — 19, 2014
Nora Benian (Sundari)
This program is perfect for those wanting to learn to relieve stress and tension as well as those working through injuries, chronic pain, and restlessness.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 16 — 18, 2014
Swami Brahmananda
Join us on a journey exploring the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, as described by the great yogi Patanjali Maharishi.
Sivananda Core Course
December 19 — 21, 2014
In this weekend program, you will learn about the connection between your thoughts and emotions and your physical health.
Yoga Vacation Program
December 19 — 21, 2014
David Newman (Durga Das)
Step into the sacred for a joyous weekend of call-and-response chanting and devotional song with kirtan recording artist David Newman (Durga Das).
Yoga Vacation Program
December 20 — 22, 2014
Swami Hridyananda
This weekend offers the opportunity to transcend depression and anxiety by igniting a radical shift in your perspective.
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