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Swami SivanandaSwami Vishnu

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It is the ego which separates the individual from unity with others and within himself. For the ego asserts ‘I-ness.’

—Swami Vishnudevananda

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My daughters and I went to the ashram on a Yoga Vacation and it was absolutely amazing! What a beautiful place — scenery, accommodations, and spirit. I had not done yoga before and I was a little intimidated — for about a minute! Then I felt so welcome and so supported that I was able to really expand my knowledge and practice and feel totally comfortable.

—Guest from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Yoga Vacation Program
February 21 — 23, 2018
Mirabai Bush and Gopi Kallayil

Grow from the inside out by tapping into the most important technology: your heart, mind, body, and consciousness working as one.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 23 — 25, 2018
Krishna Das

Join one of the foremost devotional singers in the world for evening kirtan concerts and afternoon workshops with musical prayer.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 25, 2018
Nina Rao

Enjoy the guided chanting of sacred devotional hymn and discover how this ancient practice is still relevant today.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 25 — 27, 2018
Swami Brahmananda

Dive into the teachings of the most important scriptures in yoga, the Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 26 — 28, 2018

The yamas and niyamas (ethical guidelines) are the first two steps of the Raja Yoga system.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 27, 2018
Swami Swaroopananda

Swami Swaroopananda answers aspirants’ questions, clears troubled minds, and inspires listeners to advance on the spiritual path.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 27 — March 2, 2018
Mira Binzen

Come regain a sense of balance and return home feeling confident, connected, and calm.

Yoga Vacation Program
February 28 — March 3, 2018
Rabbi Yoel Glick

Implement teachings from a profound mystical tradition into your daily life.

Professional Training
March 1 — 4, 2018
Stacie Dooreck (Saraswati)

Learn to adapt yoga so everyone can benefit from this path of optimal wellness, mental peace, transformation, and spiritual growth.

Sivananda Core Course
March 2 — 4, 2018
Narayani Chaitanya

In this weekend program, learn meditation to improve your concentration and happiness and experience less stress and anxiety in daily life.

Experiential Course
March 2 — 6, 2018
Swami Hridyananda

Understand your true nature, learn methods to transcend the mind, and align yourself with a state of inner peace.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 3 — 5, 2018

Deepen your yoga with three powerful practices.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 3 — 5, 2018
Jnaneshwari Chaitanya

The practice of yoga helps us to remember who we are and to move toward our True Self.

Professional Training
March 3 — 5, 2018
Mira Binzen

Learn to create dynamic yoga classes for the whole family.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 4 — 6, 2018
Raymond Moody

Learn from a foremost expert and his countless case studies to explore the edges of life, death, afterlife, and immortality.

Sivananda Core Course
March 5 — 9, 2018
Iswara Chaitanya

This inspiring course provides you with the essentials to jumpstart your own yoga practice — whether you are new to yoga or have experience in classes.

Professional Training
March 5 — 9, 2018
Anna Scorik (Ambika)

Learn a new way to heal and scan through expansion, train your intuition, and consciously build your future.

Professional Training
March 6 — 8, 2018
Mira Binzen

Discover safe, engaging, and effective ways to help children learn yoga.

Special Event
March 6 — 9, 2018
Cassandra Vieten, Arnaud Delorme, Jonathan Schooler, Helané Wahbeh, and Swami Brahmananda

Explore the latest discoveries on clairvoyance, precognition, reincarnation, and telepathy.

Yoga Teacher Training
March 7 — April 3, 2018

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Learn how to bring the benefits of classical yoga to others and take your yoga practice to a deeper, more meaningful level.

Professional Training
March 7 — 12, 2018
Kam Thye Chow

Gain a strong foundation in the key elements of Thai Yoga Massage and learn how to perform a full 90-minute customized session.

Experiential Course
March 8 — 11, 2018
Brigitte Mars

Become adept at identifying common plants and discover plants that are both edible and medicinal.

Sivananda Core Course
March 9 — 11, 2018
Parvati Chaitanya

In this weekend program, you will discover the connection between your thinking, emotions, and health and learn simple practical tools for enhancing your thought power.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 10 — 11, 2018
Master Ou Wen Wei

Come learn about Pangu Shengong mystical qigong with its originator, Master Ou Wen Wei.

Yoga Vacation Program
March 10 — 12, 2018
Iswara Chaitanya

Learn key yogic techniques in order to practice them at home.

Experiential Course
March 11 — 13, 2018
Master Ou Wen Wei

Learn this powerful healing practice through immersion study with its originator, Master Ou Wen Wei.

Sivananda Core Course
March 12 — 16, 2018
Krishna Chaitanya

Develop a more precise and focused asana practice and deepen your knowledge of yoga philosophy.

Special Event
March 12 — 15, 2018
Aashish Khan, Swapan Chaudhuri, Sohini Ray Manipur, Raginder Singh Momi, Nitin Mitta, and Jayanti Sahasrabuddhe

Come be inspired by the unique sounds and rhythms of Indian music and experience music as a doorway to the harmony, love, and hope in our hearts.

Professional Training
March 14 — 19, 2018
Kam Thye Chow

Thai Yoga Massage Level 2 expands upon the techniques learned in Level 1 and covers how to perform an expanded 2 1/2 hour customized session.

Experiential Course
March 14 — 17, 2018
Ramesh Parmar, Samani Satya Pragya, and Samani Rohini Pragya

Learn a variety of spiritual technologies that have been taught for generations.


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