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Swami SivanandaSwami Vishnu

Sivananda Bahamas Arrival Dock Nassau

September 2019: Hurricane Dorian Update

[updated Sept 5, 3:41pm)

Om Namah Sivaya

Our prayers are with the people of the Bahamas and all of those suffering as a result of Hurricane Dorian. The ashram staff are safe and the buildings and grounds have sustained no damage. Thankfully, New Providence, Nassau, and Paradise Island were not in the direct path of the storm, and hurricane preparation and evacuation protocols were in place.

We are grateful for the enormous outpouring of messages and concern.

The ashram is open to guests with our full program beginning Friday, Sept 6. The Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau is fully operational, though we recommend confirming your flight with your airline. (Visit their website.)

While our island was not impacted, several islands in northwestern Bahamas, including Abaco and Grand Bahama, have suffered terrible damage, and our neighbors need our help.

For those looking to contribute, you might want to consider Global Empowerment Mission (US-based) or Head Knowles (Bahamas-based).

Also please see this FastCompany post: 7 Ways to Help Hurricane Dorian Victims in the Bahamas.

The ashram will also be holding a benefit concert with renowned Bahamian musicians Paul and Tanya Hanna on Friday September 13th to raise money for the ongoing relief efforts for the people on our sister islands. Find out more.

Another way to contribute to the Bahamas and support the ashram’s well-being right now is to make plans to visit. Local business always suffer after a natural disaster.

Om Shanti, Om Peace.



One thought on “September 2019: Hurricane Dorian Update

  1. Kelley Dickenson

    I’m so very glad to hear that everyone is safe at the ashram! My prayers are with the people who’ve experienced such devastating loss. Blessings be…Om Tat Sat


  2. Deanna Cohen

    So happy to hear the ashram survived the storm! I have never visited, but have always dreamed of doing so. Hopefully one day soon. Blessings to all who have been impacted by the disaster.

  3. yvonne stafford

    Glad to read that there is no damage and everyone is safe. Hope to be there in January.

  4. Tanya brown-Morrow

    Soooooo glad to know the Ashram did not get hit ( my spiritual home). My thoughts and prayers are with the Grand Bahama residents, I know they will recover.

  5. Elena Traversa

    Bahamas is where I started my yoga practice at 14. Now I’m 44. I was so worry about the consequences of Dorian. Profoundly happy nothing happened.
    Love you all…
    Om shanti

  6. Nzinga

    I was concerned about my spiritual home and our neighbors in Nassau. Thanks for posting the update. See you in January 2020. I will hold the Ashram and the souls living in the Bahamas in sacred prayer.

    Om Shanti, Om Peace.

    Yogi Nzinga (Yogi Z)

  7. Sandy McDonald

    I’m so happy to have an update and know that everyone is safe. The pictures of the devastation are heartbreaking. Thank you for the links on how to help the victims. -Sandy

  8. Sarah E.

    I am very glad to hear that the ashram is untouched. I do wonder how the ashram can, in good conscience, write that the best way to help is by getting on an airplane and visiting? Firstly, the direct links between climate change and severe weather events like Dorian are clear and secondly, air travel seriously contributes to climate change. There is ample science to support these claims.
    How can a yogi chant om shanti and not take even small action on climate change, such as avoiding unnecessary plane travel? We can find spaces of peace and calm where we are. Climate change’s severe weather events will, and are, causing suffering–suffering that is more severely felt by the less fortunate. Taking a plane is tantamount to stomping all over om shanti shanti shanti.
    Let there be true peace in the world.

    • Paul Montelongo

      Sarah E. I suppose we could all walk to the Bahamas. Glad everyone is safe.

      • Karl Gross

        Paul: thanks for pointing out gently and humorously that we mustn’t forget to use common sense…
        for Sarah E.: it is said that all civilian air travel worldwide accounts for roughly 3% of global human-caused CO2 emissions…so visiting the Bahamas by plane is really not going to hurt anything! Moreover: what people may learn and experience at the Ashram could have such a tremendous and positive impact on them and on everyone they in turn interact with in the future …
        to all the staff: am impressed by your courage and equanimity – good work! Best wishes for the future.

    • Michelle

      Tourism is helping by bringing money to the island. More money through tourism means more money to rebuild. In addition to directly supporting and contributing to Dorian relief efforts do not abandon the Bahamas because of the devastation. Continue to help and visit because that tourism money will help.

      I am looking forward to visiting the ashram in a couple weeks!

  9. Susie Puleri

    So pleased to know the Ashram is well with no damage. Sending love and prayer for recovery in damaged areas nearby. ❤️🙏🏻❤️

  10. Deborah Scott

    I am so pleased to hear that the ashram and all there are OK, thank you so much for the update. My thoughts and wishes go to those less fortunate

  11. Jasmin Cromwell

    Thank you for the update and for sharing the information on how we can help those who have suffered damage from Dorian.
    I am happy to hear the Ashram did not have any damage and all of you are safe. My heart and prayers goes out to those whom did experience such devastation 🙏🏻
    We look forward to our visit early next year.

  12. Richard Miller

    It is with great relief that Nassau and Paradise Island we’re spared and all are safe at the Asram. My prayers are with all who have suffered from this tragedy.

  13. Nicole Lafontaine

    Thank you for the update.
    I am relieved to hear everyone on the staff is safe and sound, and the ashram buildings and ground has sustained no damage.

    My prayers go to the people affected,

    Looking forward to visit with you in the near future.

  14. Sundaram

    Thank you for letting us know that everyone is safe and property is not damaged. We have so many friends and colleagues in beautiful Bahamas.
    Om Namaha,

  15. Jeff Migdow

    So glad to hear that you are all safe and that you suffered no damage. Our hearts go out to those who are going through such deviation on the other islands.
    Will be wonderful to join you all again in October.
    Hare Ommm

  16. Marc Stephanie

    Thank you for this update, it is a great relief to hear that Paradise island and the ashram have not suffered and everyone is safe and sound. We hope to stay again in the near future. Such wonderful memories. Our prayers go to all the people affected in the region.

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